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Mar 24, 2013 1:30am PDT
, who once shared an office with norton, says his frien and colleague brought big changes to the university. he fought very hard to turn this university into a liberal arts university, know he had a great deal of help from president robert clark. today sjsu is a liberal arts school. norton used his modest professor salary to fund multiple endowments to help faculty and students. he gave virtually all he had back to this university and that is a very rare thing, that shows the kid of generosity he had he also did all of this by the way without telling people about it. his family asks remembrances be made to the "sjsu political science faculty endowment" or the "sjsu t.m. norton campus enhancement fund."on campus, ingrid almaraz, update news." the withdrawal of american troops from hotspots around the world is bringing more veterans to college campuses. update news profiled one student who traded in his weapons for books. ">>>marlon scott is a 3rd battalion united states marine corps veteran. before joining the corps in 2004, going to college was never in the equation. i didn't pla
Mar 3, 2013 1:30am PST
by advocating safe handling practices for firearms and proper technique, we can change some of the bad thoughts associated with guns in general." members meet to review gun safety. spread awareness and create interest. "i've been shooting my entire life so having the opportunity to share that with other san jose state students is beneficial to all of us." though many are skeptical, this club focuses on the social aspect: that this is a group for people to meet and participate in this sport they love. "in the university, there's a lot of people who are traditionally anti-firearms/anti-gun. they think we're all crazy yahoos or maybe rednecks and so with any luck we can take them out there, we can show them what it is that we do and maybe show them that it's a lot of fun and that it can be done safely and responsibly."" the firearm social club meets on the first thursday of every month and is open to anyone who wants to learn more or join in on this opportunity. time is running out for one of the largest homeless encampments in san jose. i visited the encampment--here's what i found.
Mar 10, 2013 1:30am PST
transportation changes for st.james park. ....i'll have a live report the african american studies department is changing...we will tell you how and the san jose state men's basketball team did not start last night's game we will tell you what happend. update news starts now... hello and welcome to update news... i'm ingrid almaraz. and i'm melody gnzales... thanks for joining us. we have a developing story regarding the san jose state men's basketball team. just before the start of thursday night's game against the university of texas at san antonio...the events center roof began leaking. rain drops splashed onto the basketball court. staff members attempted to cover up the leaks which were coming in from several spots. there was even an attempt to cover the roof. but school officials deemed the court too dangerous for game play. according to spartan athletics it will be up to the wac conference front office whether the game will be replayed. we'll have more about the basketball team coming up on sports later in this newscast. the african- american studies department is going to b
Mar 17, 2013 1:30am PDT
churchgoers were enthusiastic about the change. "i do have my reservations because i'm not sure about argentina and whether the political state of affairs there is different." san jose state students who attend the catholic newman center on tenth street were ecstatic. "the first pope to have been from the jesuit community and i think that's awesome. that's gonna speak volumes to the jesuit community and it's gonna speak volumes to e church as a whole. and this is just what we need. i think it's totally sent from the holy spirit. it's awesome." "being that we are already such a big group and then more are gonna be drawing in. it's a whole different type of revolution that's going on." it's too soon to say whether pope francis will live up to these expectations, but the young and faithful are clearly excited for his papacy. reporting from san jose, sean wince, for update news." drones are remote controlled airplanes being used by the military and possible by the local police. it's raising concerns. ">>>the us has used drones for military strikes 420 times. and according to the nyt x amo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4